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    I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Partnerships & Collaborations ​ Five Star Veterans Center- Veteran Support, Transition, Training Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the center offers a wide range of services aimed at helping veterans transition successfully into civilian life. These services often include housing, job placement assistance, mental health counseling, and various educational and training programs. The Five Star Veterans Center plays a vital role in ensuring that veterans receive the care and resources they deserve after serving their country, helping them regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives as they reintegrate into civilian society. ​ ​ Florida Association of Counties- Veteran Resources The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) plays a vital role in supporting and advocating for the veteran community within the state. Through various programs and initiatives, FAC collaborates with local governments to ensure veterans receive the services and assistance they deserve, ranging from healthcare access to employment opportunities, thus contributing to the well-being and integration of veterans in Florida's communities. ​ ​ United Way- Community Services United Way is a valuable resource that connects individuals and communities in the United States to essential social services and support. This non-profit organization operates a 24/7 helpline (211) and an online database, enabling people to easily access information and assistance in times of crisis or when facing various challenges. Whether it's finding food assistance, shelter, mental health services, or information on financial aid programs, United Way acts as a lifeline, helping people navigate complex social service systems and connecting them to the appropriate resources. ​ Florida Department of Veterans Affairs- Veteran Services, Claims, Advisors, Referrals, Resources The Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs (FDVA) is dedicated to serving veterans by providing essential benefits, assistance, and support. Their network of County Veteran Service Officers (CVSOs) across the state plays a pivotal role in ensuring veterans receive personalized guidance and access to benefits at the local level, helping veterans navigate the complexities of the system and ensuring they receive the recognition and assistance they deserve for their service and sacrifice. ​ Florida Veterans Council- Veteran Services, Legislative, VSO The Florida Veterans Council is a coalition of various veteran service organizations and advocates dedicated to advancing the interests and welfare of veterans in the state of Florida. They play a crucial role in advocating for veterans' rights, collaborating with policymakers, and promoting initiatives that improve veterans' access to healthcare, education, employment opportunities, and benefits. Through their collective efforts, the Florida Veterans Council seeks to ensure that veterans receive the support and recognition they deserve for their service to the nation. ​ Goodwill- Veteran Services Goodwill provides valuable support to veterans through its various programs and services. They offer job training, placement, and career development assistance, helping veterans transition into civilian employment successfully. Additionally, Goodwill often collaborates with veteran-focused organizations to provide tailored support and resources for veterans as they reintegrate into the workforce and community. ​ Heroes Mile- Veteran Rehabilitation Program Heroes Mile is a veteran rehabilitation program dedicated to providing comprehensive support to veterans recovering from physical and psychological challenges resulting from their military service. Through a holistic approach, Heroes Mile offers a range of services, including therapy, counseling, vocational training, and community reintegration, helping veterans regain their independence, improve their overall well-being, and successfully transition into civilian life. ​ Valor at Riverside Recovery- Veteran Rehabilitation Program "Our VALOR program specializes in substance abuse and helping military, both active duty and veterans, combat PTSD and other trauma-related issues that contribute to substance abuse. Participants will take part in at least 1 hour of weekly psychotherapy with a Licensed Therapist in order to address the following: triggers for use, family dynamics that may or may not contribute to maladaptive pattern of substance use, setting boundaries that lead to long term recovery and healthy relationships going forward, and how to manage emotional dysregulation. The individual therapist will aid the participant in the development of distress tolerance skills to use in place of mind and mood-altering substances, while helping the client connect to the powerlessness and unmanageability of disease." ​ Project Vet Relief- Emergency Financial Assistance The Project Vet Relief Emergency Financial Assistance program provides vital financial support to veterans facing unexpected and urgent financial crises. Through this program, eligible veterans receive assistance with critical expenses such as housing, utilities, medical bills, and other immediate needs, helping them regain stability and peace of mind during challenging times. It serves as a lifeline for veterans in crisis, ensuring they can overcome financial hardships and continue on their path to self-sufficiency. ​ Veterans Florida- Education, Training, Career Veterans Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in Florida transition to civilian life successfully. They provide veterans with valuable resources and support, including career development programs, job placement assistance, and educational opportunities, helping veterans secure meaningful employment and build fulfilling post-military careers in the state of Florida. ​ Legal B ay Area Legal Services- Legal Helpline Bay Area Legal Services is an organization dedicated to providing essential legal assistance and support to veterans in the Bay Area region. They offer legal representation and guidance to help veterans navigate a variety of legal issues, including those related to veterans' benefits, housing, employment, and other areas of civil law. By offering their expertise, Bay Area Legal Services plays a crucial role in ensuring veterans have access to the legal resources they need to protect their rights and secure the benefits they have earned through their military service. ​ Veterans Treatment Courts- Treatment Court Florida Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) are specialized court programs designed to address the unique needs of veterans who have become involved with the criminal justice system. These courts aim to divert veterans away from incarceration and instead provide them with access to rehabilitation, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. By offering a supportive and structured environment, Florida VTCs help veterans rebuild their lives, reduce recidivism, and reintegrate into society as productive and law-abiding citizens while also acknowledging their military service. ​ ​ Suicide Prevention America's Warrior Project- Suicide Prevention America's Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting veterans by offering a variety of programs and resources aimed at enhancing their well-being and overall quality of life. They provide veterans with opportunities for camaraderie, physical fitness, and mental health support through initiatives such as recreational activities, peer-to-peer support networks, and wellness programs. America's Warrior Project strives to empower veterans, fostering a sense of community and resilience as they transition to civilian life. ​ FireWatch- Suicide Prevention Training FireWatch is a nonprofit organization that provides critical mental health support and suicide prevention services to veterans and their families. They offer a lifeline to veterans in crisis, connecting them with trained responders who understand the unique challenges veterans face and are ready to provide immediate assistance and resources to help them through difficult times. FireWatch's mission is to ensure that no veteran feels alone or without support in their battle against mental health issues and suicide. ​ Florida Governors Challenge- Suicide Prevention The Florida Governor's Challenge brings together military and civilian organizations, along with community leaders, to collaborate on initiatives aimed at improving the overall well-being of Florida's veterans and their families. This initiative focuses on addressing various challenges faced by veterans, such as healthcare access, employment opportunities, mental health support, and housing. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, the Florida Governor's Challenge seeks to enhance the quality of life for veterans and ensure they receive the comprehensive support they deserve. ​ ​ Resource Locators and Referrals Crisis Center of Tampa Bay- Mental Crisis The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay plays a vital role in supporting veterans by providing a range of crisis intervention and mental health services. They offer specialized programs and resources aimed at addressing the unique challenges veterans may face, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and readjustment difficulties, helping veterans regain stability and improve their overall well-being. The center's dedicated staff and programs contribute to ensuring that veterans in the Tampa Bay area receive the essential assistance and support they need during challenging times. ​ By County Community Services- Florida Non-Profits GreatNonprofits is a platform that allows individuals to share and read reviews about nonprofit organizations, including those serving veterans. For veterans and their families, GreatNonprofits provides valuable insights and information on various nonprofits specializing in veteran support, allowing them to make informed decisions when seeking assistance, services, or charitable organizations to support. These reviews offer a firsthand perspective on the effectiveness and impact of different nonprofits, helping veterans connect with organizations that can best meet their specific needs and preferences. ​ FDVA Patriot Navigators- Referrals and Resources FDVA Patriot Navigators is a specialized program within the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs dedicated to offering targeted support to the community including veterans facing complex challenges, such as homelessness or mental health issues. Patriot Navigators provide personalized case management and assistance, helping veterans navigate the intricate web of services, benefits, and resources available to them. Through this program, veterans receive the guidance and support needed to regain stability in their lives and access the care and assistance they deserve. ​ Resources by Topic/Need is a valuable online resource that connects veterans with a comprehensive directory of organizations and services tailored to their unique needs. It helps veterans locate assistance related to healthcare, housing, employment, counseling, and other essential support, making it easier for them to access the resources they require to thrive and reintegrate into civilian life effectively. ​ Florida League of Cities- Resources by Town/City The Florida League of Cities, while primarily focused on promoting the interests of local municipalities in Florida, also recognizes the importance of supporting veterans within their communities. They often collaborate with local governments to advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit veterans, such as affordable housing options, job opportunities, and access to healthcare services. Additionally, the League may participate in community events and programs designed to honor and assist veterans, contributing to their overall well-being and integration into the community. ​ ​ Veterans Health Coordinated Assistance Networks- Mental Health Coordinated Assistance Networks (CAN) play a vital role in assisting veterans by providing a centralized platform for accessing various support services. CAN connects veterans with resources related to healthcare, housing, employment, and social services, streamlining the process and ensuring veterans receive comprehensive assistance tailored to their needs. This network serves as a valuable tool for veterans to navigate the complex landscape of available benefits and support programs, ultimately enhancing their well-being and quality of life. ​ Department of Children's and Families- Veteran and Families Health The Department of Children and Families typically has a primary focus is on child welfare, foster care, adoption, and family support services. However, in some cases, the department may collaborate with other state agencies, such as the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs, to ensure that veterans and their families receive comprehensive support and services, particularly when veterans are also parents or caregivers involved in the child welfare system. ​ Department of Health- Veteran and Families Health The Department of Health plays a critical role in supporting veterans' healthcare needs by collaborating with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure veterans have access to medical services, treatment, and specialized care. It also promotes public health initiatives to address the unique health challenges faced by veterans, including mental health and well-being, while working to improve the overall health and quality of life for veterans across the nation. ​ Florida Association of Managing En tities- Mental Health The Florida Association of Managing Entities (FAME) plays a critical role in supporting veterans by advocating for and coordinating mental health and substance abuse services throughout the state. FAME collaborates with various service providers and agencies to ensure that veterans have access to quality behavioral health care and support, addressing their unique mental health needs as they transition to civilian life and beyond. ​ Northwest Florida Health Networks- Mental Health Northwest Florida Health Networks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting veterans in the northwestern region of Florida. They provide valuable support by connecting veterans with resources, services, and opportunities tailored to their needs, helping them access benefits, employment assistance, housing, and healthcare. Through their efforts, Northwest Florida Connects plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of life for veterans in the region, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve for their service to our nation. ​ Oglethorpe Clinics- Mental Health Oglethorpe Clinics is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to veterans, ensuring they receive the highest quality medical care and support. Their specialized clinics offer a range of medical and mental health services, tailored to address the unique needs of veterans, helping them achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. ​ Shield of Faith Missions- Veteran Total Health, PTSD Shield of Faith Missions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting veterans by providing them with housing and rehabilitation services. They offer safe and stable housing options for homeless or at-risk veterans while also offering programs aimed at addressing mental health, addiction, and job training to help veterans regain their independence and rebuild their lives. Through their holistic approach, Shield of Faith Missions aims to empower veterans to overcome challenges and successfully reintegrate into society. ​ Soldiers Freedom Outdoors- Veteran Alternative Health Programs Soldiers Freedom Outdoors is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of veterans through outdoor recreational activities. They provide veterans with opportunities to engage in outdoor adventures such as hunting, fishing, camping, and other recreational activities. These experiences not only offer veterans a chance to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature but also foster camaraderie, support, and a sense of community among those who have served in the military. Soldiers Freedom Outdoors aims to improve the physical and mental health of veterans while promoting their overall quality of life. ​ Steven A. Cohen Clinic- Mental Health The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic is a vital resource for veterans and their families, providing accessible and comprehensive mental health services. The clinic offers high-quality, evidence-based treatment for a wide range of mental health issues, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more, with a focus on reducing barriers to care and improving the overall well-being of veterans and their loved ones. ​ Veteran Health Hospitals and Clinics- Veteran Health Veteran Health Hospitals and Clinics, operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), provide comprehensive healthcare services exclusively for veterans. These facilities offer a wide range of medical services, including primary care, specialized medical treatments, mental health care, rehabilitation, and preventive services, ensuring veterans receive high-quality healthcare tailored to their unique needs. Veteran Health Hospitals and Clinics are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of veterans, addressing both service-related and general medical concerns, with a commitment to delivering accessible and veteran-centric care. ​ Transportation Disabled American Veterans (DAV)- Veterans Transportation The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and advocacy for disabled veterans. DAV assists veterans by helping them navigate the complex process of securing disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Additionally, DAV offers a range of programs and services to improve the lives of disabled veterans, including transportation to medical appointments, employment support, and access to resources for veterans and their families. ​ FDVA Transportation- Veterans Transportation FDVA Transportation is a vital component of the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs, dedicated to ensuring veterans have access to reliable transportation services. They provide transportation solutions for veterans who may face challenges in getting to medical appointments, veterans' homes, or other essential destinations, thereby ensuring that veterans can access the healthcare and services they require conveniently and safely. ​ ​ Special Populations National Association of Veterans and Families- Aging Veterans Benefit The National Association of Veterans' Families (NAVF) is dedicated to assisting veterans and their families, particularly in the context of the Aid and Attendance benefit provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). NAVF offers aid and attendance consultations to help veterans and their loved ones understand and access this crucial benefit, which provides additional financial assistance to veterans who require help with daily activities due to illness, disability, or aging. Through these consultations, NAVF aims to ensure that veterans receive the support they need to maintain their quality of life and access essential care services. ​ Ashley's Cottage- Women Veteran's Support, Transition, Training Ashley's Cottage is dedicated to providing a haven for women veterans in need. This organization offers a welcoming and supportive community for veterans, offering shelter, companionship, and essential resources to help them rebuild their lives after military service. Ashley's Cottage aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where veterans can find the camaraderie and assistance they need on their journey to recovery and reintegration into civilian life. ​ Asset Limited Income Constrained Employment- Low Income Veterans Asset Limited Income Constrained Employment (ALICE) is a program that provides critical support to veterans who are facing financial hardship. ALICE assists veterans in accessing resources and services aimed at improving their financial stability, such as job training, employment placement, and access to affordable housing. By addressing the unique challenges veterans may encounter in the job market, ALICE helps them secure stable employment and achieve greater financial independence. ​ Wounded Veteran Relief Fund- Wounded Veteran Dental + Well-Being The Wounded Veteran Relief Fund (WVRF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing crucial assistance to wounded veterans in need. WVRF offers financial aid and support services to help veterans with disabilities overcome the challenges they face, including medical expenses, housing, transportation, and other essential needs. Through its efforts, WVRF aims to improve the quality of life and promote the well-being of wounded veterans, ensuring they receive the assistance and care they deserve after their service to the nation. ​ Northeast Florida Women- Women Veterans Support, Transition, Training Northeast Florida Women (NEFL Women) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women veterans in the Northeast Florida region. They offer a range of services and programs designed to empower and assist women who have served in the military. NEFL Women provides a supportive community, resources, and advocacy to help women veterans successfully transition into civilian life, access healthcare and benefits, and pursue their personal and professional goals. ​ Post 9/11 Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project- Post 9/11 Wounded Veterans The Post 9/11 Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering veterans who have served in the U.S. military since September 11, 2001. WWP provides a variety of programs and services aimed at enhancing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of these veterans. This includes initiatives such as mental health counseling, adaptive sports programs, educational and employment assistance, and community engagement activities, all designed to help post-9/11 veterans successfully transition to civilian life and overcome the challenges they may face due to their service-related injuries or experiences.

  • Jarrid Collins | FVF

    Senator Jarrid "Jay" Collins Army Special Forces Combat Veteran Special Forces Jarrid “Jay” Collins is a highly-decorated Army Special Forces combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient with over two decades of service following in the footsteps of his WWII veteran adoptive father. Adopted and raised by his grandparents, Rep. Collins spent his early years on his family’s farm in Montana where he later started college before enlisting in the Army. Senator Collins attended American Military University earning a B.S. in Health Sciences, and later a graduate degree from Norwhich University in 2012. While attending Airborne School, our nation was attacked on 9/11. This harsh reality, coupled with hearing stories about Special Forces soldiers who were on the forward edge of the War on Terror, Rep. Collins was inspired to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS). He was selected to become a Special Force Medic, rescuing a hypothermic classmate in the middle of an ice storm, and earned the leadership award at his Special Forces Graduation. As a Green Beret, Rep. Collins deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and twice to South America. In his 2007 Afghanistan deployment, he was hit in the arm, continued fighting, and later helped perform surgery on himself in the field of battle. Staying in country, he returned to full combat operations after just thirty days of recovery. Rep. Collins would overcome his chronic injuries to be selected for US Army Special Operations Command, but ultimately had to have his leg amputated due to the severity of his condition. Following his amputation, he requalified as a fully deployable Green Beret and served over five more years on active duty. Following twenty-three years of service, Rep. Collins took a position with a nonprofit, overseeing the distribution of millions of meals to veterans, first responders, and those in need. As a committed family man, Rep. Collins is married to his wife of twenty-one years Layla, a retired veteran with twenty years of service herself, and a father to two young sons, Gabe and Colt. Having chosen Tampa as the place to raise their family, proud Floridians Jay and Layla are dedicated to serving their community. << Back to Veteran Legislators

  • Spencer Roach | FVF

    Representative Spencer Roach United States Coast Guard Retired Commissioned Officer Rep. Spencer Roach is a retired Coast Guard Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officer who spent his first ten years in service as an enlisted man, serving as a search and rescue coxswain and counter-narcotics officer before earning an officer’s commission. ​ He grew up in a proud blue-collar household, working with his father and uncles in a 4th-generation family-owned plumbing company. From an early age, he gained an appreciation for the trades and an unwavering belief that a superior personal work ethic is the great equalizer in pursuit of upward mobility. Rep. Roach enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard in 1996. During his two decades of service, Spencer’s assignments included tours of duty in Alaska, a six-month combat deployment to the Middle East enforcing UN sanctions against Iraq, and service in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. He was selected for the prestigious Judge Advocate General Program and attended the University of Miami School of Law on a military scholarship. His most recent assignment as a JAG was representing returning soldiers and sailors injured in the line of duty to ensure they received the medical care they deserved. ​ He retired from the Coast Guard in 2016. His actions earned him the Meritorious Service Medal, Coast Guard Commendation Medals, Coast Guard Achievement Medals, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, all with Operational Distinguishing Device. ​ While serving on active duty, Rep. Roach attended Edison Community College and Florida Gulf Coast University, earning a degree in Political Science and graduating summa cum laude from FGCU. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and Texas. After retiring from the Coast Guard, he returned to Lee County, where he had been a resident since his assignment to Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach in 2000. ​ The Representative has always had a passion for public service and served as the District Director for Congressman Francis Rooney. He is a certified ESL teacher and has been active in various volunteer work for well over a decade, although his passion is helping children in foster care. While in law school, Spencer managed a program that provided Financial Literacy classes to children aging out of foster care, and currently, he serves as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem in the 20th Judicial Circuit. Representative Roach said: “My career in the Coast Guard, first as an enlisted man, then as a junior officer, and finally, as a JAG shaped my character and developed my work ethic. I traveled the world & experienced different cultures. It paid for both my undergraduate degree & a law degree at a private, tier-one law school. I made lifelong friends who endured emotional and traumatic experiences alongside me. The Coast Guard gave me a commitment to public service and the leadership skills to be an effective advocate for our community…Semper Paratus.” << Back to Veteran Legislators

  • Florida Veterans' Foundation

    ABOUT OUR FOUNDATION Our team at the Florida Veterans Foundation is passionate about serving Florida Veterans and their families. We are committed to the mission, and all funds received are used to support our five initiatives to serve our Veteran community. NO FLORIDA VETERAN LEFT BEHIND BE AN AMBASSADOR Veteran Assistance Information Volunteer Now Gadsden Flag License Plate Honor A Veteran VA Pension Aid & Attenda nce Veteran's Crisis Care Network Fraud Prevention & Registry Veterans' Initiatives Interested in learning the history of the Gadsden flag and its significance to our Veterans? Check out Colonel Ben Findley's USA Carry article: "The "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden Flag: Supports Freedom, Liberty, and Our Veterans". CLICK HERE I'M A VETERAN If you're a Florida Veteran in need of financial assistance, please reach out to your Florida Department of Veterans Affairs county office. CLICK HERE HELP A VETERAN If you want to parter with FVF to help our Florida Veterans, click below to get involved. ​ I WANT TO HELP HELP OUR HEROES Help the Florida Veterans Foundation mission of “No Florida Veteran Left Behind” By donating now! Your contribution will help fund the Florida Veteran’s Foundation’s mission to educate and bring public awareness to support Pre and Post 911 Veterans through our initiatives that will help Florida Veterans in need. ​ Honor someone you may know or make a donation on behalf of someone! DONATE


    Thank you for supporting us! The Florida Veterans Foundati on’s mission is to serve, support, and advocate for veterans in need.​ Donate Help us make a difference. First Name Last Name Email Street Address City Region/State/Province Postal / Zip Code & Country Donate in the name of: Enter the amount you wish to donate: $ Donate Thank you for your donation to help our veterans in need! Make checks payable to: Florida Veterans Foundation, The Capitol, 400 S Monroe St UNIT 2107, Tallahassee, FL 32399 Honor A Veteran Become An Ambassador


    Volunteer Opportunities With Veterans Servers4Heroe s If you are a veteran or family member of a veteran, we are looking for you to volunteer in our Servers4Heroes Program where you get to assist i n preparation or serve meals to the heroes w ho reside in Florida’s Veterans Nursing Homes. Servers4Heroes is a program run through the state' s nursing home facilities. Click Here for more information State Veterans' Homes, National Cemeteries, and VA Hospital + Clinic Volunteer Opportunities Below is a map of the state nursing homes, national cemeteries, and VA medical centers in the state of Florida. If you are interested in volunteering type in your zip code below to view possible locations near you, and access the infor mation for your chosen facilities Volunteer C oordinat or. ​ The VA State Veterans' Homes are the locations for the Servers4Hero es Program previously mentioned. To learn more see above or click h e re. ​ VA Clinic/Hospital Main Line Contact Information and Addresses: 2021 VISN 8 Service Area Map ( ​ Please note: The email and phone number linked to each marker connect s interested volunteers to the facilities designated Volunteer Coordinator, NOT to the facilities main line s for health care, burial, or ho using purpose s. To access the contact information for the facilities main lines, please view their linked websites. Local Organization Opportunities To access volunteer opportunities at local o rganizations in your area, please visit Volu nteerFlorida OR and enter your zip-code. To pinpoint veteran-related volunteer opportunities, input "veteran" in the "Search by Keyword" filed. ​ Additional Volunteer Opportuniti es Florida State Parks To access a full list of all the available volunteer oppor tunities in the Florida State Parks please visit their Volunteer Portal . Make a difference by assisting with park maint enance, management, and hospitality. ​ Keep Florida Beautiful Keep Florida Beautiful works with 40 county and city affiliates— All who are dedicated to impr oving Florida through litter prevention, increased recyc ling, education, and beautification efforts. Visit their v olunteer page to find out about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities near you . ​ ​ Green Your Routine Explore volunteer opportunities with our Florida sea turtles. May include release, nest monitoring, etc. To learn more visit their volunteer page. ​ ​ American Red Cross The American Red Cross is always looking for volunteers! Positions will vary based on locatio n and experience. Visit their v olunteer page to view their most-needed Volunteer opportunities. If none of these volunteer opportunities interest you, you may enter your zip-code to find more, and even take a short quiz to find which position you may be best suited for.


    Meet the Military Veteran Legislators 2023 – 2024 Florida Legislature Series The FVF is proud to honor the military veterans serving in the 2023 Florida Legislature by kicking off the “Meet the Military Veteran Legislators 2023-2024 Florida Legislature Series.” We welcome the members of the 2023-2024 Legislature who have or are currently serving in the United State Military. We are especially gratified that six members are currently serving in uniform as Reservists or members of the Florida National Guard. We encourage you to share this background so that Floridians know the military heritage that exists in the Legislature and how some legislators are serving their country in two ways, by being a legislator and a service member. Bryan Av ila Florida Army National Guard, Currently Serving First Lieutenant READ BIO Joseph A. Casello United States Airforc e Noncommissioned Of fi cer READ BIO Mike Giallombardo Florida Army National Guard, Currently Serving Warrant Officer READ BIO Thomas Patterson "Pat" Maney United States Army Brigadier General READ BIO Michelle Salzman United States Army Specialist READ BIO Keith Truenow United States Air Force Airman Christopher Benjamin United States Army Reserve D-Miami Gardens ​ Dean Black United States Air Force 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard ​ READ BIO READ BIO Jarrid "Jay" Collins United States Army Special Forces READ BIO Tommy Gregory United States Air Force (Retired) Lieutenant Colonel READ BIO Wyman Duggan United States Marine Corps Commissioned Office r READ BIO Jeff Holcomb United States Navy Reserve, 2006-Present Lieutenant READ BIO Fiona McFarland United States Navy Reserve Lieutenant, Drilling Reservist Paul Renner United States Navy Retired Commander READ BIO David Smith United States Marine Corps (Retired) Colonel READ BIO READ BIO John Snyder United States Marine Corps Corporal READ BIO Danny Burgess Florida Army National Guard Currently Serving Captain ​ READ BIO Lisa Dunkley United States Army Veteran READ BIO Sam Killebrew United States Navy FVF Current Board Member READ BIO Spencer Roach United States Coast Guard Commissioned Officer READ BIO Victor Torres United States Marine Corps FVF Current Board Members, Sergeant READ BIO Tom Keen United States Navy Naval Flight Officer READ BIO


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    Shop To Donate Click on the below websites to shop and they will donate a percentage to the foundation. Ambassadors for Veterans Council Continuing the March for Veterans in Need Other Donations Council of individuals and organizations who are resolute in helping veterans and titled as our forward march support advocates for the advancement and sustainability of the Florida Veterans Foundation and its mission. BE AN AMBASSADOR Mail in Donations Gifts, Wills, Trusts Corporatie Giving Grants Event Fundraising In-Kind Donations For more information contact: 850-488-4181 Volunteer Special Thanks American Legion of Florida National Association of Veterans & Families Walmarts of Florida ​ WALMART STORE #1081, GAINESVILLE WALMART SUPERCENTE R #1224, PENSACOLA WALMART SUPERCENTER #3307, CRAWFORDVILLE WALMART SUPERCENTER #4520, TALLAHASSEE WALMART STORE #4427, TALLAHASSEE WALMART MARKET STORE #6531, PENSACOLA ​ Tallahassee Dodge Claude Pepper Foundation MoPar Muscle Freedom Car Show Hamptons Gold & Country Club Elks Club of Florida National League of Cities American Patriot Service Corp UBER Technologies, Inc. Your outreach helps prevent Veterans from falling into crises and give them hope for a better future. Types of Volunteers Outreach Fundraising Events Ways To Give Please use our print-friendly form and mail your donation to: Florida Veterans Foundation The Capitol, 400 S Monroe St UNIT 2107, Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee, FL 32399 Gifts – Wills, Trusts & Life Insurance Bequests are donations that are made through a will or a living trust. You can name the Florida Veterans Foundation as a beneficiary in your will/estate for a specific amount or a percentage (see form below) or designate the foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. The Florida Veterans Foundation suggests consulting a legal professional before drafting a will. ​ The Florida Veterans Foundation must be named as the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy for it to be tax-deductible. Download the Gift Form Corporate Giving We welcome inquiries from companies that support our mission. Contact us at: to learn more or call the Florida Vet erans Foundation offices at (850) 488-4181 ; ext : 1. In-Kind Donations In-kind donations are very important to the Florida Veterans Foundation’s outreach. Individuals and companies provide valuable resources. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please contact us at (850) 488-4181; ext: 1. Grant Donations Public and private charity foundations are encouraged to participate with the Florida Veterans Foundation’s outreach to serve Pre- and Post-911 Florida veterans. Opportunities to help educate and public awareness outreach are the key elements of our desire to seek grants, as well as our stated initiatives. If you are interested in sharing grant opportunities, Please contact our President at us or contact our Foundation offices at (850) 488-4181 ; ext: 1. Event Fundraising We encourage you to support the Florida Veterans Foundation by engaging your community through individual efforts. Previous examples include runs, golf tournaments and faith-based group events. For questions and more information, please contact our Development Office at or (850) 488-418 1 ; ext: 1 between 9am and 4pm EST. Volunteers For those who are interested in volunteering for the mission of the Florida Veterans Organization, please visit our Volunteer page, or as a District or Deputy Chairperson, please contact our offices at 850-488-4181 ; ext: 1 for more information. REMEMBER: When donating to a charitable organization, refrain from providing or verifying personal information via e-mail, text message or social media. Do not post, direct message, email, or provide over the phone any sensitive information to any organization or individual unless you have initiated the interaction via the contact information provided on the organization’s website. ​ Be wary of individuals representing themselves as members of any charitable organization asking for donations via social networking sites or personal email addresses. Malicious individuals can mislead victims using copycat names that are similar to but not exactly the same as individuals and charitable organizations. If you are unsure as to whether or not a communication is legitimate, contact the organization directly.

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    VA Pension Aid & Attendance VA Aid and Attendance benefits and Housebound allowance VA Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits provide monthly payments added to the amount of a monthly VA pension for qualified Veterans and survivors. If you need help with daily activities, or you’re housebound, find out if you qualify. ​ VA Aid and Attendance Eligibility You may be eligible for this benefit if you get a VA pension and you meet at least one of these requirements. At least one of these must be true: ​ You need another person to help you perform daily activities, like bathing, feeding, and dressing, or You have to stay in bed—or spend a large portion of the day in bed—because of illness, or You are a patient in a nursing home due to the loss of mental or physical abilities related to a disability, or Your eyesight is limited (even with glasses or contact lenses you have only 5/200 or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less) ​ Housebound Benefits Eligibility You may be eligible for this benefit if you get a VA pension and you spend most of your time in your home because of a permanent disability (a disability that doesn’t go away). ​ Note: You can’t get Aid and Attendance benefits and Housebound benefits at the same time. Resources The Florida Department of Veteran Affairs : Visit the FDVA webpage at for more information regarding how to obtain these benefits. NAVF : Visit the NAVF webpage at to recieve a free consultation.

  • Danny Burgess | FVF

    Senator Danny Burgess Florida Army National Guard Currently Serving Captain Senator Danny Burgess is a father, husband, soldier, lawyer, and public servant. He is a life-long resident of the Tampa Bay area and grew up in Pasco County. Born and raised in Zephyrhills, Danny attended Zephyrhills High School and the University of South Florida. At the age of 18, he was elected the youngest City Council Member in Zephyrhills’s history and the youngest elected official in the State. He served two terms on City Council before going to Barry University School of Law to get his law degree. Senator Burgess served as Mayor of Zephyrhills from 2013-2014 before being elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2014. In 2016 he was re-elected without opposition. He served as Chair of the Insurance and Banking Subcommittee in the Florida House. He was selected by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2018 to serve as the Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs and led the agency until June 2020, when he announced his run for the State Senate. The Senator joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 2012 and currently serves as a Captain in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He is married to Courtney Burgess, originally of Lithia, Florida, and they are the proud parents of three beautiful children: Adeline (6), Daniel III (4), and Eleanor (1). He has attended St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, located in Zephyrhills, his entire life and is actively involved in various community organizations and local charities. << Back to Veteran Legislators

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