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Representative Dean Black

United States Air Force Veteran

125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard

Representative Black is an eighth generation Northeast Florida native, residing in Duval County with his wife Kim, on their family farm. Together they have five children and two great grandchildren.

Graduating from the University of Mississippi with a BA in Political Science, Rep. Black is a small business owner, a cattle rancher, a Chairman of the Republican Party of Ducal County and now the Florida Representative for District 15. As a staunch Republican, Rep. Black was a campaign surrogate, official Delegate to the 2020 Republican National Convention for President Trump, and had a leading presence on the campaign trail. Additionally, he is a proud Air Force Veteran and was a member of the 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard on Jacksonville’s Northside.

Rep. Black states “Northeast Florida needs strong, proven and dependable conservative leaders fighting for our values in Tallahassee. I will be a Representative that stands on a strong America and Florida First agenda: Supporting the Constitution, limited government, the right to bear arms, personal liberty, the sanctity of life, low taxes, school choice and defending our brave men and women in law enforcement.”
Those around him say he is a confident leader and a leading conservative voice in the community.
Dean Black
Air Force
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