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Meet the Military Veteran Legislators
2023 – 2024 Florida Legislature Series

The FVF is proud to honor the military veterans serving in the 2023 Florida Legislature by kicking off the “Meet the Military Veteran Legislators 2023-2024 Florida Legislature Series.” We welcome the members of the 2023-2024 Legislature who have or are currently serving in the United State Military. We are especially gratified that six members are currently serving in uniform as Reservists or members of the Florida National Guard.


We encourage you to share this background so that Floridians know the military heritage that exists in the Legislature and how some legislators are serving their country in two ways, by being a legislator and a service member.

Bryan Avila

Bryan Avila

Florida Army National Guard,

Currently Serving
First Lieutenant

Joe Casello

Joseph A. Casello

United States Airforce
Noncommissioned  Of

mike giallombardo

Mike Giallombardo

Florida Army National Guard,

Currently Serving
Warrant Officer

thomas patterson maney

Thomas Patterson "Pat" Maney

United States Army 

Brigadier General

michelle salzman

Michelle Salzman

United States Army


keith truenow

Keith Truenow

United States Air Force


Christopher Benjamin
dean black

Christopher Benjamin

United States Army Reserve
D-Miami Gardens

Dean Black

United States Air Force

125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard

jarrid collins

Jarrid "Jay" Collins

United States Army 
Special Forces 

tommy gregory

Tommy Gregory

United States Air Force (Retired) 

Lieutenant Colonel

Wyman Duggan

Wyman Duggan

United States Marine Corps

Commissioned Officer

jeff holcomb

Jeff Holcomb

United States Navy Reserve, 2006-Present


fiona mcfarland

Fiona McFarland

United States Navy Reserve

Lieutenant, Drilling Reservist

paul renner

Paul Renner 

United States Navy Retired 

david smith

David Smith

United States Marine Corps (Retired)


john snyder

John Snyder

United States Marine Corps


Danny Burgess

Danny Burgess

Florida Army National Guard 

Currently Serving Captain

lisa dunkley

Lisa Dunkley

United States Army Veteran

sam killebrew

Sam Killebrew

United States Navy 

FVF Current Board Member

spencer roach

Spencer Roach

United States Coast Guard

Commissioned Officer

victor torres

Victor Torres 

United States Marine Corps

FVF Current Board Members, 


Tom Keen.jpeg

Tom Keen

United States Navy

Naval Flight Officer

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