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florida veterans foundation

Veterans know that good chow makes any mission better. If you are a veteran or family member of a veteran, we are looking for you to volunteer in our Servers4Heroes Program where you get to assist in preparation or serve meals to the heroes who reside in Florida’s Veterans Nursing Homes.

The program is simple. Volunteers will complete an initial screening and training before signing up for meal shifts, which can be either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sign up for as many or as few shifts as you would like. Assistance is especially needed on weekends. Volunteer servers will work under the direct supervision of our dietary staff. Jobs you can participate in are to: prepare pre-planned meals, portion and place meals on carts, deliver them to our resident’s dining areas or their rooms and assist residents with eating their meals.




To join, fill out an application for the Servers4Heroes Program found on the Florida Veterans Foundation website at


You will then need to:

  • Pass a criminal background check and one-time drug test;

  • Complete a one-day orientation at the nursing home;

  • Receive training from the dietary staff; and

  • Servers who wish to feed residents must complete a 12 hour Feeding
    Assistant program

All training will be provided by the nursing home staff at no cost to you. Once you complete the training you can help bring joy into the lives of our heroes.

food preparer
food delivery
food server
meal assistant
kitchen duty

Food Preparer                Food Delivery                Food Server                Meal Assistant               Kitchen Duty

Volunteer Application

Do you currently possess a Active Florida Food Handler license?
Do you have prior experience as a food handler/server in a public restaurant, hotel or hospital?
What is your desired positon?

Thanks for submitting!

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