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Senator Victor Torres

United States Marine Corps

FVF Current Board Member, Sergeant

Senator Victor “Vic” M. Torres, Jr., is of Puerto Rican descent and was born and raised in New York City. His lifetime of service began when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduating from Harren High School in 1966. He joined as the Vietnam War was raging. During his four-year enlistment, Senator Torres was stationed in Okinawa Japan, rose to Sergeant, and was awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

In 2019 Senator Torres wrote: “It was not until I served in the Marine Corps, though, that I fully understood what makes America truly great.” He went on, “The Marine Corps taught me, and exemplified, that America stands up for the oppressed. We are the guiding light for freedom lovers across the globe to look toward in times of despair. Above all, we defend the defenseless. I carried these values with me as I continued my career of service as a member of law enforcement. It was in this job that I kept my neighbors safe, protecting back at home all we hold dear. I carried with me to the Florida House and subsequently to the Senate these same sacred values.”

Once completing his service in the Marine Corps, he ensured safety and order in his community as a police officer for the New York City Transit Police. After twenty years, Senator Torres retired from the New York City Transit Police as 2nd Grade Detective.

In 1993, Senator Torres relocated his family to Florida and continued his community service as a volunteer and leader for several community organizations, the labor movement, and grassroots efforts. He has established a strong reputation as a committed political activist and an effective leader.

In 2012, Vic Torres was elected as a State Representative for Florida House District 48 in Orange County; and for the 2014-2016 legislative cycle, he was tapped to be the Democratic Deputy Whip. He has served on numerous Senate committees, including the Military and Veterans Affairs and Space Committee.

Senator Torres has been married to Carmen L. Torres for over twenty-five years. Carmen is also a committed community leader and volunteer. She is a past member of the Executive Board of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Past Vice-Chair of the DNC Southern Caucus, and past Florida Elector for President Barack Obama. Vic and Carmen are the proud parents of five children and eleven grandchildren.

Victor Torres
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